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Public Relations and Archives Sub Division held an annual work meeting “The Role of UB’s Public Relations and Archives Welcomes PTNBH”, Tuesday (1/28/2020) in Griya Brawijaya Meeting Room.

Head of UB Public Relations and Archives Section Kotok, Gurito, S.E., said the purpose of the meeting was to coordinate, evaluate the work program in 2019, and compile the work program in 2020.

“Through this meeting it is hoped that it can improve the performance of UB’s Public Relations (Humas UB) and Archives,” he said.

Plt. of UB General and Staffing Bureau, Drs. Rujito, in his opening speech, appreciated the implementation of the work meeting conducted by the Public Relations.

“We greatly appreciate today’s activities since the work meeting is an evaluation of activities that are held once a year. The success that has been achieved can be maintained and the deficiencies can be fixed,” he said.

Some of the material discussed in the work meeting this time including issues relating to internal public relations, social media, high school visits, public relations archives, public relations inactive records, statistics archives, vital archives, and media transferred files. [Oky Dian / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]

source: Prasetya Online

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